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Welcome to Get Laser Show homepage !

Get Laser Show - a full-featured software for creating frames and animations, which is able to meet the needs of any user. 

The program comes complete with a new version of the controller RIYA GLS Lite (USB interface). 

The full procedure for generating frames, analog-synthesized 3D abstraction, animation effects with unlimited number of layers, and much, much more. 

A short list of features: 

  • Timeline, with 130 tracks for control frames and effects. 
  • Ability to change the color of the frame in real time with unlimited coloring algorithms. 
  • Built-in cell editor to quickly create and edit frames. 
  • Tools for LIVE performances. 
  • The program allows you to display your show 4 laser projector. 
  • Full support for copy and paste in browser and file show ILDA. 
  • Sophisticated mathematical abstractions and the ability to create shots.

Download Get Laser Show 2013 Demo Version right now !